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The Secretary

Ladies and gents, the DDMCC have a new club secretary.

Bandit has been with the club for many months and has cleared the required time period to take up an officers role. He looks forward to seeing and dealing with other club secretary's and to making the role his. He can be contacted via this website or in person at any functions we attend.

Bandit receiving the secretaries patch off of Sherlock.

A word from Bandit:

I am proud to represent the club as the secretary and honoured by the vote of confidence shown by all of the lads.

I intend to carry on the good work of Sherlock who previously held the position and cannot wait to meet all the folks we'll bump into on our travels.


Editors note:

Sherlock here,

While my time as secretary is something I'll always remember I'm so proud of Bandit for stepping up and taking the role off of my hands. I'll be assisting the secretary to make sure that the transition is smooth.

Thanks for reading,


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