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Thanks from the DDMCC

Updated: Mar 2, 2020

Halfway through the second month of 2020 and not losing any steam the Doncaster Dragons would like to thank everyone who participates in our rides and bike nights.

All members of the DDMCC are looking forward to hitting summer as hard as possible with a full list of rallies, shows and rides already in the works.

Here's a bit of a thank you from us all

As a thank you we have made a short video highlighting some of the amazing company we've had as well as the rides we've been on.

We hope you enjoy it!


Now onto the pictures!

Thanks to all of the people who helped us give Joe James and his family an escort worth remembering.

Big thanks to Twiggy From the exiles for saving the day with some fantastic blocking.

Soon to be patched up associate Cj with the Vice-Chairman before a quick and slippery ride to the Elsecar MAG meeting night.

Decent evening with beef dripping sarnies and pork pies and then after all that, it was a brisk ride to the Silkstone bike night for cake!

We've been attracting some pretty snazzy looking bikes at the Red Lion Bike Night.

Only one of the four bikes isn't a custom built machine.

One of the riders also won the Raffle so congratulations!

Its not just the Red Lion Bike Night that is attracting cool bikes.

Look at this custom HD built by Mick Tebbs. We see him quite often and he's always building something.


Thanks for reading

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