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Jacks final ride

A warning

This second post on the website is going to be something a little more sombre than we'd normally like to post.

The importance of this event to little jacks family and those suffering from lung cancer is something that cannot be ignored.


The request

Jack at the age of four was given only months to live and after significant contributions managed to complete a bucket list of things with his family before he passed away.

This request was released by the father:

"My boy passed away on Monday and I'm looking for as many bikers as physically possible to Join the procession. To the Service and then back toward the Cemetry. I want to make this absolutely, EPIC. I want it to be absolutely MASSIVE. I'm Talking 1000's not 100's. It will be on the 29th which is a Saturday, picked particularly, for this reason, to increase the availability of you guys."

The response:

Hundreds of bikers from all over the United Kingdom of Great Britain answered the call and gave the young angel one of the best send-offs you could ask for.

Dozens of clubs, groups and independents rode out in the rain and wind to make sure that jacks family gave him a proper bikers farewell.


Help Wesley Lacey

Jacks father now plans to set up a charity to aid children who suffer from Diffuse Pontine Glioma.

Please consider following his journey and lend a hand.

RIP little Jack Lacey may you soar in heaven.

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